Oscar Robinson

London, UK based Software Engineer. I love using Scala, Node.js, Golang, SQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch and Cassandra.

  • Designing Iterable HTTP JSON APIs

    Having worked on backend systems at a start up for over 3 years, I’ve learnt a fair bit about getting code out of the door quickly. A lot of my work involved building internal HTTP APIs producing and consuming JSON. These APIs were only used by internal developers, thus could be rapidly iterated on to add new features. However, it is easy to back yourself into a corner when designing APIs.

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  • The value of quick start guides

    I learn by doing. I believe this is true of many software engineers. The quickest way to get to grips with the latest programming language, library or tool is almost always to just get stuck in using it. It’s hard to know WHAT you need to learn about something until you’ve tried using it and realise all the things you could do with it that you don’t yet know how to do.

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