Oscar Robinson

London, UK based Software Engineer. I love using Scala, Node.js, Golang, SQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch and Cassandra.

About Me

I've been a professional Software Engineer for almost 4 years, having completed an MEng in Computer Science in 2016.

My main areas of experience are in designing and building back end systems using technologies like Scala, Node.js, SQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch and Cassandra. I have an insatiable appetite for learning new things. My current project is learning Golang, which I am doing by building a key value store system with a network interface.

Besides coding, I also enjoy making electronic music.

I'm currently interested in hearing about new opportunities using any of the technologies mentioned above. Please get in touch at the address below if you'd be interested in reading my CV. Alternatively, send me a message on LinkedIn.

oscar.w.robinson [AT] gmail.com